Types of RC Cars (2022)

Types of RC Cars

Interested in getting into RC Cars? You are in the right place.

RC Cars can be one fascinating hobby, but expensive too. So you should take some time and learn about different types of RC cars, and in this article, we will discuss exactly this topic: Different types of RC cars

If you are new to this, you wouldn’t believe when I tell you that there is a pretty big community of RC cars. I couldn’t believe it myself when I entered the world of Radio Controlled cars, which was a while ago. The world of RC cars is enormous, and it’s only getting bigger.

Some people love to race, some love to build their own vehicle, and others love to paint their own car and make it look as they want. In the RC Cars World, there is something for everyone.

What did you say I can build my own vehicle? Yes, you read it right.

When buying an RC car, you can go with “Ready to run” or “build it yourself kit,” and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you are someone who really likes to build things and you want to unleash your mechanical and creative side, go with “build-it-yourself” kit, you will learn a lot while building your car and the biggest advantage of building car yourself is that you will be able to fix when something breaks, and you will also save money this way.

But if you are a complete beginner, I highly suggest you buy the “Ready to run” car. You just open it, and you are ready to go.

As you know, adult life brings a lot of daily stress, and sometimes it is really hard to switch off and just enjoy it.

Let me ask you something when the last time you switched off and just enjoyed at the moment, not thinking about bad things that are happening in your life was?

Well, if you don’t remember, then RC Cars are a perfect hobby for you. But…

As I said, this can be a fairly expensive hobby, so before buying a car, you should time and learn as much as you can and thanks to the internet, you can do that pretty easily.

As I said earlier today, we are going to discuss different types of RC cars, so let’s dive in:

RC Touring Car

RC Touring Car

RC Touring Car is an on-road car. They are really fast, and they are great for running on hard, flat surfaces like asphalt, concrete or carpet. Usually, the touring car is the scale of 1:10.

These cars generally have a 4WD system(all-wheel drive). This system is designed for drifting easily without any damage to the car. So if you are like me and you love drifting, this is the perfect option for you.

I am a drifting lover, and when I got into the RC cars world, I looked for the perfect car for drifting.

RC cars come in various shapes and sizes. Some are built more for power, some for tricks and jumps, and others for speed.

Different types of RC vehicles are made for different terrains and surfaces, so before buying any, look at each car and its traits, and you should consider where you will be using it most.

If you are looking for very fast car for flat surfaces, the touring car is for you, but you should also know that touring car rides very low to the ground so if you plan to drive on off-road terrains like grass, sand, gravel, mud or rocks, you should consider some car made for off-road.

Talking about off-road cars, let’s look at another type of RC car:

RC Buggy

RC Buggy

Radio-controlled buggies are a great all-rounder, and the buggy is also an all-terrain vehicle. Because of this, buggies are perfect for beginners and those who don’t know what they will enjoy most.

This RC vehicle you can basically drive anywhere. Rocky environment? No problem. Mud? Easy. Grass? Of course. On off-road, they have very good capabilities, and on-road they can be very fast.

If you decide to buy this vehicle, you won’t make a mistake. But if you are someone who is more into driving off-road, climbing, pulling, and crushing, you will find the next RC car we are going to talk about very interesting…

RC Monster Truck

RC Monster Truck

RC Monster Trucks, the big boys of off-road, if one of the most popular types of radio-controlled cars because of their high-power and strong and wild appearance. As I mentioned earlier, they are perfectly designed for pushing, pulling, and crushing.

A monster truck is basically a Strong man in the world of remote control vehicles.

One more amazing feature of this car is that they are indestructible. Thanks to exceptional design and tires, monster trucks can do almost everything and survive.

They are definitely not the fastest radio controlled car, but they are more powerful. With them you can play anywhere you want, and you also can do tricks.

Jumping in the dirt?
Monster Truck: Let’s go!

Monster Truck: Hold my beer.

Now when you know the traits of RC Monster Truck, let’s go to the next type of RC cars:

RC Stadium Truck

RC Stadium Truck

Well, we talked about Buggies, and we talked about Monster Trucks, and now it is time to talk about something called RC Stadium Trucks.

Stadium Trucks are a cross between Buggy and Monster truck. As their name suggests, they are designed to run on a temporary off-road track builds on a stadium.

They are two-wheel drive, which makes them very stable. As I said, they are built for running indoors, and they drive very low to the ground. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend you to go with this option, but it’s up to you to decide.

Let’s move on…

Short course truck

Short course truck

Well, if you are reading about different types of RC Trucks, you are very likely to come across these Short course trucks.

They are advanced trucks, and they are definitely not for beginners as they require a lot of knowledge about customizing RC Cars.

As you can tell, by looking at the name of these trucks, they are made for competitive racing and bashing.


RC Crawler

The radio-controlled crawler is an off-road vehicle that is very suitable for overcoming difficult terrain.

There are a couple of types of crawlers, and we are going to discuss some of them.


RC Rock Crawler

RC Rock Crawler

As the name suggests, rock crawlers are built to climb rocks and terrains other cars can’t handle. These crawlers are generally for slow speed, high torque, and precision driving, and they are very upgradable. They are like a smaller version of Monster truck.

What’s interesting about them is that they can conquer every terrain like sand, gravel, mud, snow, ice… Well, basically everything.

But remember rock crawlers require a lot of maintenance to keep them running smoothly.

We also have:

RC Comp Crawler

RC Comp Crawler

These crawlers are made for competition, and the speed and time are crucial factors for these boys. If you don’t plan to compete, then you should stay away from these crawlers since they are costly and go with Rock crawlers.


Conclusion: Types of RC Cars 2022

And there you go. We just covered basic types of radio-controlled vehicles. Now you can look at each type and finally decide which one you are going to buy for yourself.

But before you do that, there is one more thing to be considered: the Power Source

There are two ways your radio-controlled car can be powered. They can either be Electric powered or Nitro powered, and this is very important to consider.

If you are just starting our, I suggest you go with the Electric Powered car. They are a lot cheaper, easier to maintain, and a lot quieter than cars powered by gas.

On the other side, Nitro-powered cars are fast, powerful, and noisy. If you are on a budget, these cars may not be for you. They are a lot easier to break, and you need to spend more money on their maintenance. Since Nitro powers them, they require fuel, and Nitro fuel isn’t cheap, and I am pretty sure you will burn through it very quickly as a beginner.

If you a little impatient and you want to start right away, an electric-powered car is for you. You just need to put batteries in, and you are ready to go. And one more good thing about an electric-powered car is that they don’t break as easily.

But if you are like me and you like power and noise, then go with a Nitro powered car. Oh, did I mention that nitro-powered cars can go up to 80mph? Crazy, right?

Yes, it will take some time to get used to it, but it is worth it.

With all this being said, take some time to consider which type of vehicle you want, think about what type of activities you would like to do most, decide which power source you want your car to be, and you are ready to enter the world of RC Cars!