The Best RC Trucks of 2022

Best RC Trucks

This article is to help you in having clarity and a better understanding of RC trucks and some of the best models available on the market. Further, this article includes buggies in addition to trucks and monster trucks.

Like many RC vehicles, RC Trucks may run on fuel or batteries (which may or may not be rechargeable) and potential buyers should take into consideration the cost of batteries when buying a radio-controlled truck. It is a good idea to get a rechargeable battery with a charger.

An enthusiast looking to buy the best RC truck should look into the speed required (based on how it plans to be used), tires and whether it is suited for use on surfaces that are rough or smooth so that the damage to them can be kept in check.

As you may know, real trucks and buggies are driven by people to maneuver rough terrain such as rocks, water bodies, snow, etc. This is also the case with radio-controlled trucks and buggies which are extremely fun for its users as the models available vary from those that are capable of great speeds to those that are better suited for rough terrain.

RC monster trucks were essentially invented to be able to recreate the real monster truck rallies which can be very exciting and the ability to recreate off-road racing via these remote control trucks and buggies is also a favorite pass time.

These trucks are able to withstand impacts and are able to move very fast, allowing these vehicles to provide a particular style of fun and excitement for drivers.


Best RC Trucks in the market

TRAXXAS Revo 3.3: 1/10 Scale 4WD Nitro-Powered RC Monster Truck

TRAXXAS Revo 3.3: 1/10 Scale 4WD Nitro-Powered Monster Truck

TRAXXAS Revo RC truck is known for its speed and is capable of reaching up to 70kmh and weighs about 4.5 kilos. The 4 wheel drive system allows for very good handling.

Its racing engine delivers enormous torque and power to all the 4 wheels.

The TRAXXAS Revo is also nitro-powered and so would require fuel which would mean that a buyer would need to invest in buying fuel to run the vehicle.

The Revo also has a quick start on the transmitter.


Redcat Racing Electric Volcano

Redcat Racing Electric Volcano

This remote control truck is more for drivers who do not necessarily want to professionally race as it is quite a small vehicle at about 8lbs in weight and can be considered to be safer than bigger vehicles.

That said, the Redcat Volcano is quite fast and can reach up to 30 kmph.

This vehicle is also quite tough and able to withstand more impact. In addition, the tires are good to use on rough surfaces.

One of the issues with the Volcano is the battery charge which would only allow a driver to run for 10 to 15 minutes before needing a recharge and it might be best to buy an extra set of batteries, especially because the charger for this is not very good.


TRAXXAS Stampede 4X4: 1/10 Scale 4WD RC Monster Truck

TRAXXAS Stampede 4X4: 1/10 Scale 4WD Monster Truck

The Traxxas Stampede has a stand out feature, which is that it is waterproof and this allows the driver to use it in any terrain and weather without worrying about the electricals being damaged. This feature is quite rare in RC Trucks and hence the TRAXXAS Stampede sticks out from its competition.

In addition, the stampede has extremely large tires that allow it to handle any surface with ease, while technology such as a speed control device, modified motor, waterproof steering servo allows it to handle and perform well on any surface.


TRAXXAS X-MAXX: Brushless RTR Electric Monster Truck

This radio controlled monster truck from Traxxas, as the name suggests, runs on a brushless motor (electric) and is made for drivers who want to race.

TRAXXAS X-MAXX Electric Monster Truck is the best RC truck for racers.

It has quite a bit of technology, such as a stability management system that ensures that this vehicle is great at handling and turning, making it unique in the world of radio controlled trucks.

Thanks to the two batteries, this vehicle is very fast and powerful, despite its size. However, it is quite costly to use as it takes a lot of battery life. The batteries can provide up to 30 minutes of driving but are not included in the package sold and therefore would require you to spend extra on them.

The speed and power also mean that this vehicle’s tires can take a lot of damage when driven on rough surfaces.

Click N’ Play RC Truck (4WD Off- Road Rock Crawler Vehicle)

The Click N’ Play is an RC truck that is slightly small, lightweight and very safe. It is made from the material which provides anti-collision features ensuring that it remains in great condition despite heavy use or impact.

It can reach up to 10 kmph and is an off-road crawler allowing users to climb rocks especially because of its large tires with anti-skid features and its high suspension shocks which provides stability in multiple terrains.

The vehicle itself requires 4AA batteries while its inbuilt transmitter run by 3AA which means it takes a longer time to charge the batteries. Also, note that the batteries are not included in the package.


Redcat TR-MT10E 1/10 Scale RC Monster Truck

Redcat TR-MT10E 1/10 Scale Remote Control Monster Truck 

This Redcat Monster Truck sticks out because it looks great thanks to the polycarbonate body and it is fully equipped and ready to operate. The tires also grip well on any terrain, including dirt and grass while the suspension is also adjustable and easy to tune.

The material used to make the truck ensures that it is durable and it also has electronic speed control (ESC) which makes it waterproof allowing you to drive it in any conditions – such as mud, rain snow, etc.

The cons would be that it is costly and the charge for the battery is not included in the package.


TRAXXAS 1/10 Slash 4X4 Brushless Short Course Truck

TRAXXAS 1/10 Slash 4X4 Brushless Short Course Truck 

The Traxxas Slash 4X4 is a truck that runs on a brushless electric motor, although the majority of these vehicles are not waterproof. Therefore, drivers must be careful not to drive through puddles or in the rain, as this will probably damage its electricals.

The waterproof version of this model will make it an all-weather and all-terrain RC truck. Further, this remote control truck looks great as it has a transparent polycarbonate body and is made of high-quality parts.

The design and unique chassis allow users to easily replace damaged or faulty parts.

Thanks to the vehicle’s low design, powerful motor(brushless), powertrain and suspension, the TRAXXAS Slash 4×4 improves cornering ability and stability at high speeds.

The platinum version of this truck comes with a hard-anodized GTR suspension shocks which ensure that they are able to withstand the load of high-speed maneuverability.



The MAISTO RC truck or rock crawler is not a vehicle from the premium range, therefore suggesting that it would cost a pretty penny.

This remote control truck is a lot of entertainment for its users especially because it is suitable for multiple terrains or surfaces. This is partially due to the 2 motors to ensure a smooth driving experience even in difficult terrains.

As the name suggests, this vehicle can jump and crawl well on rocks. The tires are made from materials that make them suitable to ascend uneven areas and the vehicle is tough, allowing for impacts without losing its looks.

This particular MAISTO model uses 6AA batteries for the vehicle and 2AA for its controller which makes the vehicle fast enough and navigates sharp corners.


Summary: Best RC Truck 2022

As with any product, when a potential customer is looking to buy a radio-controlled truck, it is important to know what his personal requirements from the vehicle are.

Would you like speed? Superior Handling? Nitro or Electric truck? What is your budget? What kind of terrain do you expect to drive on? All these must be kept in mind before buying an RC truck.

The list given above is generally considered amongst the best radio controlled trucks on the market and varies from higher speeds, better handling, rock crawling, etc.

In addition, you would do well to keep in mind that buying a package might not include batteries or the charger. Further investments might be required on fuel or additional batteries and of course, the all-important question – How much fun would you like to have!

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