Best RC Scale Crawler 2022

Best RC Scale Crawler

The RC Scale crawler is a particular kind of RC Truck or buggy, that isn’t necessarily built for speed but more for endurance and to have the ability to climb rocks and other rough terrains. These vehicles are sometimes also referred to as scale crawlers.

One should not make the mistake of misunderstanding slow as not powerful; in fact, RC Scale Crawlers are very powerful so as to be able to climb steep gradients, rocks, and other rough terrains!

This kind of RC vehicle enables an experienced driver to navigate large rocks and steep gradients. In addition to merely climbing rocks, the term “crawler” also includes technical rock crawlers, rock racers, and trail rigs.

Technically rock crawling is all about getting the vehicle over difficult obstacles and boulders which involves vehicles that built specifically for this purpose.

Rock Racing, as the name suggests, involves racing at speed over rough terrains including mud. One should note, that brushed electric motors are usually preferred in RC Scale Crawlers as they provide more control at lower RPM’s as opposed to brushless motors.

This article will include a list of the Best RC Scale Crawlers available in the market that vary in price, capabilities, styling, design, and power, etc. These are suited for different drivers – from beginners to experts.


Best RC Scale Crawler List

Redcat Racing Everest 10 RC Scale Crawler

Redcat Racing Everest 10 Scale RC Crawler

This model from manufacturers Redcat called the Everest 10 Rock Crawler has an electric brush motor and has 4 wheel drive which means that the power is equally split between all four wheels.

The vehicle is equipped with waterproof electronics which allows it to traverse all-terrains.

Further, the Redcat Racing Everest 10 has multi-link suspension on both front and rear wheels to ensure it can handle these rough terrains. This makes the model powerful, durable and suitable for all-weather driving.

In addition, the NiMh battery and charger are included in the purchase bundle although you would need to buy a few AA batteries.

This model is perfect for both beginners and experienced drivers and has great value for money considering its capabilities. It is scaled to 1.10, ready to run and weighs about 8 pounds.


Redcat Racing Everest Gen7 Pro RC Scale Crawler

Redcat Racing Everest GEN7 Pro 1/10 4WD RTR Scale Rock Crawler

Another model of Redcat Everest, the Gen7 Pro RC Rock Crawler is a bit more expensive than the Everest 10 as it has features that are simply not available on cheaper models.

This RC Scale Crawler is ready to run. It has a brushed 550 electric motor and “super swamper” tires. The battery can be accessed easily with the body tilt system while the purchase bundle also comes with a fully functional spare tire, two scale ramps, axe, shovel and gas cans.

It can compete and perform well even against more expensive RC Crawlers. As a ready to run crawler, it weighs about 11 pounds and is scaled to 1/10.


Altair High Speed RC Rock Crawling Truck

This model from Altair is relatively new to the market and it is rare to have an RC Crawler that is both durable and fast! This model can reach up to 50 km/hr and is, therefore, suitable for rock races as well!

It has 4 wheel drive, individual wheel suspensions, metal sealed wheel bearings and a dual motor which supplies extra power, allowing it to be the perfect candidate to climb rocks and handle rough terrain.

The great features and price point gives any potential customer value for their money and allows them to be competitive with other crawlers!


Axial SCX10 Deadbolt 4WD RC Rock Crawler

Axial SCX10 Deadbolt 4WD RC Rock Crawler

This is a very fun RC Crawler is a whole lot of fun which is perfect for all levels of drivers (beginner to experienced). This model from Axial is also surprisingly fast and has great bodywork and paint job to stick out from the crowd.

It has a very strong transmission with a cover to protect the gears from dust, dirt, and debris along with 1.9 Walker Evans Racing Wheels and Maxxis Trepador tires for high-performance rock scaling.

It is ready to run and scaled to 1/10 with an approximate weight of 11 pounds while the power is generated from a brushed electric motor and all it would need is for you to buy AA batteries and charger to enjoy climbing rocks and race across rough terrains!


Exceed RC Maxstone RC Scale Crawler

Exceed RC Maxstone RC Scale Crawler

The Exceed Maxstone RC Scale Crawler is a vehicle that comes at a good price for its standard and quality. It has solid protection for both gears and drive shafts and is considered a competition level crawler.

The 4 wheel drive and multi-link suspension ensure that a smooth drive while also providing a great grip for its driver to stay competitive as a rock crawler.

It has features of real-life crawlers such as a full ball bearing that makes it one of the best in the market, while also being durable thanks to its water-proof electronics and not to mention it looks great!

The model is scaled to 1/10 and weighs about 9.5 pounds with its brushed electric motor that comes ready to run.


Exceed RC MadTorque Rock Crawler

Exceed RC MadTorque Rock Crawler

This model from Exceed is unique, in that it has an awesome design!

The vehicle has 6 wheels and good suspension which makes it a lot of fun to watch it tackle different types of terrains. The 6 wheel drive gives it an edge over other models as it can flex and articulate over practically any obstacle.

The steering is front wheel, while it has independent four-wheel suspension along with its waterproof electronics and a high-performance motor.

This RC Crawler comes ready to run and weighs about 15 pounds while scaled to 1/8. The motor is a brushed electronic version thereby providing great control at lower RPMs.


Axial RR10 Bomber RC Rock Racer

Axial RR10 Bomber RC Rock Racer

This particular remote-controlled crawler requires some mechanical skills on the part of its buy as this is a do-it-yourself model, although it is fun to build and is a great quality product.

The fact that this is a DIY model also means that it is easy to upgrade. One should know that this vehicle is quite expensive for an RC Crawler but is great value for money!

This vehicle includes a Kings Shock feature which ensures smooth performance along with steering links for precision turns and upper and lower suspension links for the best of control over even the roughest of terrains.

It weighs about 10 pounds and scaled to 1/10 while the electric motor can be brushed or brushless depending on your preference.

As a DIY model, you will need to purchase the servo, ESC, battery, and motor in addition to the bundle.


RGT 1/24 Scale Rock Crawler Adventurer

RGT 1/24 Scale Rock Crawler Adventurer

This is a great starter crawler for children and beginners and is pretty fast for its size! The purchase bundle includes everything you would need and the vehicle is ready to run from the get-go.

The great design and fantastic price along with its small size make it a lot of fun for any driver. It has a lot of the same features as other crawlers despite its low cost.

However, it is more of a toy and doesn’t do so well over rough terrain but does well on relatively easier surfaces such as the garden.

Its features include proportional throttle and steering for control when handling inclines, which is run powered by a micro LiPo battery.

Of course, its classic design makes it stand out! As a ready to run model, the RGT is scaled to 1/24 and weighs about 1.43 pounds and would require batteries.



Summary: Best RC Scale Crawler 2022

This concludes our list of some of the best RC Scale Crawlers in the market that includes a varied price range, sizes, capabilities that allow them to crawl rocks and rough terrains.

Potential buyers must be sure to look at all features and consider what their specific requirements are from the rock crawler before deciding which one to buy.

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