Best RC Boat for Ocean 2022

Best RC Boat for Ocean

RC boats are mighty fun. Especially when we consider how fast they can go in the water – some can reach 50+ mph – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

RC boats are usually used in ponds, lakes, swimming pools, and sometimes even in rivers. What you will notice is that we are mostly talking about freshwater.

But RC boats can also be used in the ocean.

Saltwater is a little trickier, but it is in no way off-limits. Below I share with you the best RC boats for the ocean as well as what you need to know about using your RC boat in saltwater.


Best RC Boats for Ocean

These are the best 5 RC boats you can use in the ocean.

Brand and ModelTop SpeedRemote Control DistanceWaterproof
INTEY RC Boat15.5 mph150 metersYes
Blomiky H10020 mph100-150 metersYes
Geburun Electric RC Boat13.4 mph30-50 metersYes
Kuman Remote Control Boat15.5 mph150 metersYes
FUNTECH Remote Control Boat18 mph90 metersYes

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This RC boat by INTEY is a fantastic budget-friendly option for anyone that wants a boat they can use in the ocean.

The hull of the boat is designed in such a way as to prevent water from entering inside. The boat has double waterproof protection. This is precisely what you want if you will be using your boat in saltwater.

What’s more, is that even if the boat capsizes, it is capable of recovering.

The hull is made from industrial-grade ABS plastic that is tough and durable.

All of these features are complementing each other really well. As a result, the electric motor, batteries, ESC, and the other components in the boat will be adequately protected from corrosion.

The boat is easy to control and very powerful. What I especially liked is the fact that it comes with two batteries.

The remote control also shows the amount of battery charge left, so you will know exactly when you should return the boat to the shore.

The radiofrequency range at which the boat operates is 2.4 GHz, so you will not have to worry about interference even if there are other RC boats nearby.


Blomiky H100 RC Boat

Blomiky H100 RC Boat

The Blomiky H100 is fast and easy to operate.

The powerful motor is capable of reaching up to 15 mph, and you will not have to worry about your boat capsizing – it features a recovery feature that allows it to flip back on the right side.

The waterproof hull can be used in both freshwater and saltwater. It is made from highly-durable ABS plastic. This means that the boat can be used successfully in rougher waters and the occasional bumps here and there will not break it.

The controller has an LCD screen, and it has a low battery alarm.

The boat operates at 2.4 GHz, which means that you can have several boats at the same time without the signals interfering.

This boat comes with two extra batteries (three in total). At this price, it is a steal.


Altair Aqua RC Boat

Altair Aqua RC Boat

This RC boat is super fast capable of reaching speeds a little over 18 mph.

The boat comes with some neat features like anti-capsize hull, child safety propeller system, and low battery alarm.

The radio controller works in the 2.4 GHz frequency, which means you can use several different boats in close proximity without any signal interference.


Geburun Electric RC Boat

Geburun Electric RC Boat

This RC boat from Geburn has excellent waterproof protection provided by the built-in switch, which stops any water from entering the hull and damaging the internal electronics.

The boat is made from ABS plastic, which is very tough and can withstand hits and bumps without breaking or cracking.

The boat is easy to control and operate, it can rotate 360 degrees, and it can go backward, forward, left and right.

However, the only downside to this boat is the shorter remote control distance of about 30 to 50 meters on average, which is not much when compared to some of the other products on this list.

The controller can be switched to different frequencies, 27, 40, and 49 Mhz, which gives some freedom, but interference with other RC boats and toys is very likely to occur.

With that being said, this is a great budget-friendly option.


Kuman Remote Control Boat

Kuman Remote Control Boat

The Kuman RC boat may seem pretty standard at first look, but it packs a powerful motor and battery, allowing the boat to reach speeds up to 15.53 mph.

The design of the boat promotes the best possible aerodynamics, and it is also waterproof. It is easy to control, and it can go forward and backward and turn left and right.

Being waterproof means that the electronics and the internal parts of the boat will be kept safe away from the saltwater.

If the boat happens to capsize, it has a flip-over feature, which adds an additional layer of safety.

There is a low battery alarm that will alert you when the battery power gets too low.

The controller uses the 2.4 GHz frequency range, which means that there is not going to be any signal interference if there are other RC boats nearby.



FUNTECH Remote Control Boat

This powerful RC boat is capable of racing at 18 mph.

The hull is waterproof, giving you some peace of mind while using it in the ocean, as the internal electronics will remain dry and safe.

The boat is user-friendly and can go forward and turn left and right. One of the downsides of this boat is that it cannot go backward.

It has a 2.4 GHz controller for smoother operation, and it is capable of recovering if it flips over.



Traxxas DCB M41 Widebody Brushless RC Boat

Traxxas DCB M41 Widebody Brushless RC Boat

Many people may consider the RC boats above just regular toys that can be used for a short while.

If you are looking for a top of the line RC boat that is built to last and deliver the best experience in the ocean, then you need not look any further than the Traxxas DCB M41.

Traxxas has been producing a variety of different RC toys, including super-powerful RC boats that can be used in ocean water too.

The DCB M41 may seem familiar to you. And even if it doesn’t now, it will, as this is actually a real-life high-performance boat designed by Dave’s Custom Boats – one capable of reaching up to 175 mph!

And here, we are looking at an equally impressive 1:10 scale replica.

This RC boat is incredibly powerful – capable of reaching 50+ mph.

This little beast features Traxxas Stability Management® for higher stability and control when moving fast, powerful battery and motor, stainless steel hardware, aluminum rudder, and so much more.

The downside, as expected, is the high price.

How to Use Your RC Boat in the Ocean?

RC boats can be used in the ocean, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

The majority of RC boats are not rated for saltwater use, because saltwater is incredibly corrosive. Even real-life boats do not fare well with all that salt and require a lot of maintenance to keep running.

Freshwater is not as dangerous to your RC boat. However, saltwater is a totally different ball game.

When electronics and metals get exposed to water or humidity, this promotes oxidation, which leads to corrosion. But due to the high salt content in saltwater, these processes are accelerated significantly.


Inspect the Condition of the RC Boat

Before use, make sure to inspect the boat to ensure everything is in check.

The motor and battery should be well-protected. Make sure their covers are sealed tightly.

Check all the screws and connection points, make sure that they are tightly closed to prevent leakage.


Protect the Internal Parts of the RC Boat

One of the first rules is to get a silicone spray and spray the internal parts of the boat.

What you need is a water-displacement and Silicon-based spray like WD-40. Apply a small layer of this spray to protect the internal parts of the boat from corrosion.


Clean Your RC Boat the Right Way

After each use, check the condition of the boat.

If there is any water inside the hull, make sure to drain it.

Start by cleaning the boat with fresh and clean water.

Exercise extra caution while cleaning your RC boat as some parts of the boat may not be sealed, and water can get into places you do not want it to be.

Apply some soap on a clean piece of cloth and make sure to clean the hull of the boat. Make sure to use only soap with a neutral or positive (alkaline) pH.

Do not forget to clean the cooling system. If you have been using your boat in the ocean, this means that the cooling system will be running on saltwater, which can lead to salt deposits accumulating inside the cooling system. Thus it is crucial to flush the salt water out.

Let the RC boat air dry.

When ready clean and grease the drive shaft (or flex cable), the tubing, the moving parts around the rudder, and any other metal parts that may have had access to saltwater.

Do not forget also to lubricate the drive system, and the different electronics again.



Make sure to check the warranty.

Although a waterproof RC boat will fare better in the ocean, this does not mean that the manufacturer will cover any damages associated with saltwater corrosion.


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