Top 10 Nitro RC Cars 2022

Best Nitro RC Cars

Nitro RC Cars are generally referred to as those RC cars which have an internal combustion engine that runs on a fuel of methanol and nitromethane. These engines run on high revolutions per minute depending on the size of the engine and type of vehicle.

Nitro RC Cars are usually faster than electric RC cars and they are used regularly in competitions and tournaments. Most Nitro RC Cars are two-stroke engines with an ignition system and carburetor.

The best nitro RC Cars can be decided based on certain factors, such as top speed, engine capacity, tires, suspensions, etc. However, the best Nitro RC Car to buy should be decided on the potential driver and would depend on his/her requirements while not forgetting the time and money required to be invested in these types of vehicles.

  • Is the driver new to switching to Nitro RC Cars?
  • Is this purely for entertainment or competition?
  • How much time and money is the driver willing to invest in the vehicle?

This article will give you a general idea of what to keep in mind while buying a Nitro RC Car and also which models are generally considered the best in the market.

What decisions to make before buying a nitro RC car?

There are some parameters and factors to keep in mind, before deciding to buy a Nitro RC Car.

Firstly, Nitro RC Cars are expensive when compared to electric cars and one should keep in mind the cost involved as these vehicles would require batteries, fuel, oil, and other fluids and parts to be replaced (for example shock absorbers, tires, etc.).

One might also require an electric start system and a power source (such as a charger and batteries), especially if the engine is of the non-pull start variant.

Potential buyers should also keep in mind that Nitro RC Cars require an experienced driver with more skill as these vehicles run faster and therefore, more difficult to control than Electric RC cars.

Nitro RC Cars go at such high speeds that they may hit obstacles and destroy the car and it is generally suggested to drive them outdoors as they are also quite loud.

Further, there is the issue that Nitro RC cars require more time to be invested by the user which isn’t as easy as pressing a button. The owner would need to fuel it up, change the batteries for transmitter and receiver, check the air-filter, glow plug (part of the ignition system) and check the tires. All this takes longer than an electric car and would also require after-run maintenance.

Nitro RC Cars have more safety issues as fuels like methanol or nitromethane is highly flammable and poisonous. They are, potentially, more dangerous to run in crowded areas due to the high speeds when compared to the slower moving electric RC Cars, while the fumes from the nitro RC cars are also an irritant.

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Top 10 Nitro RC Cars

Redcat Racing Monsoon Truggy

Redcat Racing Monsoon Truggy

This nitro RC Car is not the fastest but is a good first car for drivers who are ready to graduate from the limited performance of an electric RC Car and can also be a lot of fun.

It has a pull starter and its size is about 22 inches long and as it has only one speed gear, the Redcat Racing Monsoon Truggy will not be able to go in reverse.


Redcat Racing Tornado Buggy

Redcat Racing Tornado Buggy

This Nitro RC Car has an aluminum allow chassis, a 3 cc engine, and the glow plug (part of the ignition system) is sold separately.

This vehicle uses a pivot ball suspension system to help it maintain control even over uneven ground. That is the suspension ensures that the wheels of the vehicle remain in contact with the ground and that the driver won’t lose control due to obstructions.


Redcat Racing Pro-Series Hurricane

This vehicle is a 1/8th scale buggy which is relatively affordable due to the parts not being as advanced as some other vehicles. For example, this uses a pull starter as opposed to some other vehicles where push-start buttons which is more expensive.

All this makes the Redcat Racing Pro Series Hurricane a good choice for new drivers and allows for the suspension to be adjusted, although it does require quite a bit of maintenance.


Traxxas Slayer Pro 4X4

Traxxas Slayer Pro 4X4

This variant of a Nitro RC Car has a great build quality and is considered very durable for multiple types of racecourses. This car can reach speeds up to 80 kilometers per hour and can run for 15 to 20 minutes per tank.


Traxxas Revo

Traxxas Revo

Traxxas Revo is a scaled version of a monster truck with progressive shock absorption to ensure that it can handle any type of obstacle or race terrain.

Further, this vehicle is considered quite aerodynamic, despite its size. Its wide stance allows the driver to race in rough terrain and also has a receiver that charges quickly.


Traxxas T-Maxx Monster Truck

Traxxas T-Maxx Monster Truck

This vehicle is bigger than the Traxxas Revo with a large ground clearance thanks to the set of 3.8-inch wheels.

The Traxxas T-Maxx Monster Truck is great for rough terrain race tracks such as those which include hills, rocks, mud etc. Usually, this vehicle comes with a fuel filler bottle included and has a 2-speed transmission system although some parts are considered cheap plastic.


Traxxas Slash 2WD

Traxxas Slash 2WD

The Traxxas Slash 2WD is capable of great speeds thanks to its 2 wheel drive capabilities and its high-torque steering provides amazing handling in and around tight corners.

The Traxxas Slash 2WD is known to have a well-tuned exhaust system with a gear differential system although it does take some time to get used to for first time users.

This is generally considered a car for experienced drivers.


HPI Racing Trophy 4.6 Buggy

HPI Racing Trophy 4.6 Buggy

This buggy is more for drivers who wish to tackle tough terrains at high speeds as evidenced by the fact that its battery box and receiver are waterproof so that the vehicle is capable of going through puddles and mud without damaging the functioning of the car.

It has a 2.5 HP powered engine and racing tires with angled pins in addition to oil-filled shocks to ensure high-end performance for its user.


LOSI 4WD Buggy

LOSI 4WD Buggy

This Nitro RC Car is 1/8th scaled version of a buggy with design and colors that stick out amongst the crowd, thereby allowing the driver to keep track of his vehicle easily.

In addition, with regards to specifics, the Losi 4WD buggy has a 4mm chassis plate, transmission with metal gears and as the name suggests, the buggy is 4 wheel drive which allows for higher control and maneuverability even on rough terrains.


Traxxas Jato 3.3

Traxxas Jato 3.3

This vehicle is meant for serious racing professionals and this boasts a great top speed of 65 miles per hour or approximately 104 kilometers per hour while it can also accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour in just over 4 seconds.

While being available in 3 different color combinations, the Traxxas Jato 3.3 has tires that provide good control and traction, has a push-button electric starter, and even has a mobile app so that users can collect data to improve their performance.


Conclusion: Best Nitro RC Cars

As one can see, Nitro RC Cars are considered a lot of fun and generally faster than their electric counterparts. However, they also involve higher costs of maintenance which can be time-consuming as well.

In conclusion, potential buyers can see that the best type of Nitro RC Car does not necessarily mean it is the best for everybody but rather depends on factors such as budget, investment of time, ease of usage, experience or skill of the user, safety and noise, etc.

A relatively new user of Nitro RC Cars should look to get ready-to-run cars as opposed to high-end vehicles with expensive parts and time taking maintenance.

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