Fun Offline: Doing things offline…

Fun Offline is a blog about doing things offline – for us, that means activities that are inherently social in nature, have a sense of community, and bring people together. The idea behind this blog is to call out to other people like us that find their fun in the real world and will hopefully support each other through encouraging words, ideas, and actions.

Brand Mission: To inspire people to disconnect from the internet and reconnect with the physical world.


Meet Our Team

Linette Barlow

📰 I’m an offline advocate who previously worked as a journalist, ran a startup, and built a blog. Now, I do things offline. 🚴🏽
☎️ Hit me up for copywriting or if you want to send me on some offline adventure and get it featured on this blog. 😉🌏✈️

Hadden Elliott

🕶 I write about being hyperlocal, community building, technology, freetime and offline productivity. I’ve interviewed some of the top people in tech including Peter Diamandis and Jeff Bezos. I live in Western NY with my family.

Ingram Barrett

🛰 I’m a Drone and RC enthusiast who has built over 15 quadcopters, fixed countless drones and caused my fair share of damage. Contact me for reviews/coverage of your products or deals on parts & tools.

Rachel Currey

🚁🛩 I’m Rachel and I build custom FPV quadcopters, mini drones. I am a female tech educator that loves drones and teaching girls to fly – 100+ flights completed (I can fly anything).
Did You know: The number of female drone enthusiasts has been on the rise over the last few years? 🚁